How to Deal with Your New Maid

How to Deal with Your New Maid
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How to Deal with Your New Maid


The maid or domestic helper is suddenly thrown in a new environment, far away from home.  She will miss her family members and her loved ones.  She has to adapt to the new surrounding and be with strangers. She has a new routine and has many things to learn.

Assure the maid of her worth and that you will help her overcome the anxiety and fear.  Be patient and guide her in doing the chores and using various modern home appliances.  Do bring the maid out to familiarize her with the various places from the shops, markets, hawkers centres to the bus stops and mrt stations.

Make the maid respect and acknowledge every member of the family and vice versa.  The maid also deserves some reciprocal kindness and respect.  Do guide the maid on to deal with everyone in the home. Her understanding of everyone’s needs and temperament is important.  This is to ensure that she can carry out her duties effectively as a domestic helper or domestic maid, effectively.

Do ensure that the maid has proper meals and a comfortable place to rest and sleep. The maid is entitled to her own space and privacy. Do ensure that the maid also exercise strict personal hygiene for her own health as well as for the family in general.

Do allow the maid to get in touch with her family members and friends.  Calls should be allowed but in moderation but not in the process of carrying out her tasks and chores or tending to babies and the elderly.  Do encourage the maid to take her day off but do remind her to exercise responsible behaviour.


When in doubt on how to deal with your maid, consult your domestic helper agency [company].   We have the expertise & experience to guide employers on how to deal with your new house maid.  Call +6567383117

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How to Deal with Your New Maid

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