Getting along with Your New Maid


getting along with your new maid
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Getting along with Your New Maid


Most new house maids or domestic workers may have difficulty adjusting to the new environment. This includes:

Adjusting to the new culture and demands of urban living

Performing new kinds of tasks & duties

Dealing with strangers with different personality and temperament

Commuting to new places from markets, grocery stores & supermarkets, bus and mrt stations, bringing the kids to schools involving strangers, etc.


The anxiety and fear of dealing with strangers and the new environment can be mitigated thorough the following way:

Give the maid a reasonable comfortable place to rest & sleep

Adequate food

Patiently teach, guide and familiarize the maid on all things new, i.e. to acclimatize

Do show the maid around the new surrounding environment several times

Have the maid keep record of things and instructions

Tell and guide the maid on doing the important things first

Be specific / precise, and given only small bit-sized instructions one at a time

Accord the maid due respect from the household and other members of the family

Be firm but gentle when giving orders and instructions to the maid

Do assure the maid that she is part of the family

Do bring the maid out on family outings & occasions

Let the maid understand and appreciate our culture and vice versa

Do guide and orientate the maid on various occasions and festivities and how traditions should be carried out and observed


This way, the maid will not feel isolated, introverted and overwhelmed, thus speeding up the process of the settling-in the maid.  Most importantly, help the maid to get along harmoniously with other members in the family.


Contact your maid service agency Finesse Living Employment Services.  We will be glad to offer tips to new employers on how to get along with their new domestic maid.  We could also offer face-to-face counselling of the maid on the employer’s behalf.



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Getting along with Your New Maid

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