Checklist on New Maid

Checklist on New Maid
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Checklist on New Maid


Following in a handy Checklist on New Maid:


Allow your new maid to have a few weeks or 1 or 2 months to settle down and to adapt to the new environment.


Show compassion and understanding. Give them the respect as you would want them to give you.


Have patience in guiding them on the ‘house rules’ and the DOs and DON’Ts.


Familiarize and guide them on how to use various equipment and gadgets.


Familiarize and teach them how to cook and do the laundry.


However, be firm but polite in giving instructions.


If you need help in managing and dealing with your New Foreign Domestic Helper, contact us for Advice, Tips & Assistance.  Contact us at +6567383117 or Our friendly and professional Concierge at Finesse Living Employment Services will be glad to assist you on House Maid issues.


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Checklist on New Maid

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